Cannon Smash

Cannon Smash 0.6

Cannon Smash is a 3D table tennis game played against one's PC or friends
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Kanna Yoshihiro

If you are a fan of table tennis, also known as ping-pong, then Cannon Smash is an excellent open source game that you must download to experience exciting matches against your PC. You will find a very fast virtual rival, hard to defeat. And if that rival is not enough, Cannon Smash will let you play against your friends over a LAN, or even over the Internet through the game's server.

The main objective of this game is to learn as many ping-pong strategies as you can and apply them in the 3D game scenery, as the virtual opponents you will face are fast, and can actually play as professionals.

Cannon Smash uses OpenGL 3D technology, so in this way the graphics you will see are very good. But if you notice that the game is pretty slow, you can select a simpler graphics mode with less quality.

Within the game, you will be able to select different difficulty levels (pen drive, pen attack, shake cut), as well as to set the match limit to 5, 11 or 21 points.

Besides, this innovative game makes use of your mouse - for you to move your player from one side to another. Remember that you will have to be very fast, to match the level of your opponents.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Training mode built-in
  • Nice 3D graphics


  • There are no different camera views
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